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Leather courses in one of the leading workshop in Ukraine

Link : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011900170498 (add for more information)

Training program for the course with the leather : 

  1. There are a lot of different types of leather. Each types needs its own processing, so lets describe the most popular types of leather
  2. Next, we need efficiently and economically cut the necessary parts out of leather. I will share with my exclusive way, which helped me save a lot of skin and money.
  3. After I will show what kind of tools is needed for working with leather mainly without a sewing machine. And I will show non-standard and effective techniques of working with him. Also we will discuss the tools that we need in all stageso f processing.
  4. Finally I will learn to collect all the leather parts in the finished product. In the process I also share with tricks that you will not find on YouTube.

Is it possible to choose the direction of products that you would like to sew from leather?

Yes you can! My experience allows you to sew everything except shoes and clothes.

If you are not from Kiev:

  1. You can spend the night in the workshop for free
  2. The hotel complex Vyshegrad is located in minutes walk (link to google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/39Q6VPyn2fD2)
  3. A 5-minute drive to Vyshgorod you can find cheaper hotel rooms.

* Hotel transfer services are free!

Transfer from the center of Vyshgorod to the workshop as a gift

If you are without a car or from another city, I will arrange your transfer

Why this course will save you more than $ 1000?

Because you will find out which tool you need and can use and which one is not. For example, I have already tried all the punches, I realized which ones are needed and where, and which ones are not needed at all. For this, I spent on them more than 3000 UAH,(110USD), but you can get them in 4-6 times less. And besides the punches there are still a lot of other tools.

Why this course will reduce the amount of skin waste to 5-10%

Because I use the author's method of marking and cutting, which I developed in the second year of working with leather. Now it allows me to save a monthly minimum of $ 100 - $ 200 UAH.

In what format is training and how long does it take?

  1. Training takes place directly in the workshop for two working days from 9:00 to 22:00 (26 hours)
  2. Departure to the Aligogroup skin warehouse in order to see even more skin and learn to buy it yourself

What does the training include?

The price includes the cost of the leather and working with it.

Price of individual express master class:

1 day in the workshop from 10:00 to 22:00 + trip to the leather warehouse = $ 299

Price of advanced individual course:

2 days in the workshop from 10:00 to 22:00 + trip to the leather warehouse = $ 499

What is the value of this course or what will you get:

  1. You will do a lot with me, more than necessary. Tomorrow you will have to continue to create something yourself, to create from leather. Products that we will make will also serve for you as a kind of benchmark that will stay with you and will help you with the techniques of working with leather that we have already used.
  2. You will have a small conspect where you can find a list of the most necessary tools for your independent start and creation of your home leather workshop.
  3. The experience gained in working with leather will make you an expert who is guided in the questions "What is kind of high-quality shoes / bag and what is not?" or "How to properly care for the things of the leather that you use?"
  4. You will have a list of the main suppliers of leather, accessories and tools.
  5. You will be added to Viber group of graduates of the workshop, in which you can always ask any question. This group was created to exchange experiences between the workshop and its graduates.
  6. You will get access to statistics and sales metrics both abroad and in Ukraine. If you are planning to sew in the future for sale, then this information is worth more than $ 10,000

More Bonuses:

  1. With a 50% prepayment at the end of the course, you will take with you one of the products that you will sew in the learning process
  2. With a 100% prepayment at the end of the course, you will receive all the products that you will sew. On average, finished products will equal the cost of half the course (master class)
  3. Further support by phone

Only for workshop students:

  1. You can rent a workplace in the workshop in coworking format and use all the tools, threads and colors that are in the workshop, as well as continue learning: "7 days package for $210 ($30 \ day)", "14 days package for $350 ($25 \ day)" or  "a package of 30 days for $600 ($20 \ day)". I will be in the workshop all the time too, so this time can be used to improve your skills!

My photos:

мастер-класс по коже

мастер-клас по коже

мастер-класс по коже для девушек

мастер-класс по коже

мастер-класс по коже учимся покупить кожу